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I am a software developer at DRW Trading. I have a passion for discovering and maturing innovative solutions. I've worked as both a full-time employee and as a consultant for many years. The two environments are very different; however, a constant in my career has been my focus on how I can deliver more with less.

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An Author of Refactoring: Ruby Edition

Book Cover

Refactoring: Ruby Edition: Refactoring, Ruby Edition, blends the original content of Martin Fowler's Refactoring with lessons of the past 10 years, resulting in a thorough demonstration of how Ruby practitioners can realize the significant benefits of Refactoring.

An Organizer of speakerconf

speakerconf: Imagine a conference where all the attendees are conference speakers themselves. Most of them will present during this conference, but all will actively participate in lively, interactive sessions where over-the-horizon information technology innovations are presented and discussed. speakerconf is that conference.